Who is doing the jeans on Bake Off?



Very good

Isn’t it weird how behavioural advertising companies cannot get it together to have an opt-out function that ever, ackfing works?

I mean, usually they are so scrupulous at making sure I see the exact pair of pants I once looked at on M&S until I am sick of them (‘I am sick of these pants’); and after all, they work so tirelessly to make sure that my advertising experience is meaningful, valuable and tailored to my interests.


Searching Kickstarter Turns Me Tebbit-y

Case in point:

Although, thankfully:

Obviously this is enough to provoke a person to check Whois and see if c*ntstarter.com is free.

It isn’t :(

Write It Yourself You Flipping Naughty

The internet really, really wants me to have a bigger penis. And obviously it is very important that I clear out my spam folder right now - even though I am on a deadline. Because hey man, that shit is not going to clear out itself.

Oh my Christ so beautiful

There was some extraorder makeup at the Chanel show. I also intend to convert my shit-flops into chic-flops with ribbon, tomorrow.

This makes me happy

Priorities / Sequences

Natasha Lyonne! Natasha Lyyyyoonnnnnne. Perfectly imperfect in every way.

I just read this - a description of Buzzfeed - in a peach of a comments string.

Try saying these five words out loud because together, they are a thing of wonder - all those l’s and t’s and soft g’s. Mmn, lovely.