If you want to commission a feature, hire me as a copywriter, teacher or speaker or ask me to do a writing workshop, email me by clicking here.



Since 2008 I have been writing a singles column for Drowned in Sound which I am delighted to say seems rather popular. All the features I’ve written for DiS are collated here.

I’ve also written for the Guardian (collated here), Grazia, Dazed & Confused, the BBC, Mixmag, Dollymix and the Bird’s Eye View Film Festival. Some of my magazine features are on Flickr, here.

I’ve also been on Radio 1’s Review Show with the - very delightful and sharp as a tack - Nihal a couple of times, which was amazing because Radio 1 is where THE CHARTS HAPPEN.


I’ve written two humour titles for Michael O’Mara. My first was a compilation of all the best (i.e. worst) answers given on quiz shows. It’s called Universally Challenged and there is more on it here. 

My second book is all about the denizens of Britain’s most glamorous county. As in, Essex. There is more on it here. Although WARNING: it has lots of bad jokes about fake tan, handbag dogs and vajazzling. *N.B. I have never knowingly been vajazzled. But you know, never say never.


I’ve appeared on several Q&A panels for the Musician’s Union, BBC Blast & Culture Works - mostly talking about music journalism or promoting and marketing your music in a DIY fashion.  


I run master classes on music journalism and promoting your own music (including some for Access to Music, an AMAZING Rock School). So if you want to hire someone to deliver a presentation or class that’s both practical and, I would wager, rather larksome, do email me here. 


Before I started writing, I worked in telly for 7 years - 5 of which were for Kudos. They make very popular BAFTA-winning dramas like Life on Mars, Ashes to Ashes, Spooks & Hustle. But I ran the office, hired and managed all the junior staff, sorted out the website and generally organised everyone’s face off. 

After I left, they asked me to rewrite the copy and programme synopses for their website. So I did, and it’s here.

I’ve also done some consultancy work for a community radio station called Future Radio. This involved formulating a web strategy, designing and populating two shiny new blogs and writing corporate copy and PRs.


I entered the Guardian’s Mary Stott Journalism Prize and although I didn’t win, I was one of four runners-up from 700 entries. It also led to my first two-page feature being commissioned for the Guardian G2. Plus, my Mum got to meet Polly Toynbee at a Guardian party, which made her very happy indeed. 


I co-edited The Lipster, which was a website dedicated to dance and indie music in the spirit of Smash Hits. While under my stewardship, it was named one of the ‘100 Best Blogs In The World’ by The Sunday Times.

While editing the site I interviewed loads of musicians and popstars, commissioned writers, wrote news and features, sorted out advertising and organized competitions. Once, I asked Alesha Dixon to imagine her bottom was a spaceship. It was not my finest hour. I also learnt a fair bit about html, CMS and all that other modern computational jazz.