In the course of nearly four years writing my DiS singles column, I have been sent my fair share of high concept pop music. This week, frinstance, there was not one but TWO singles that dealt in some way with the coming apocalypse. One involved a band pretending to be another (fictional) band, and one was a brilliantly strange, 24-minute narrative piece that took in the migration of humans to Mars, after Earth is uckfed.


Few high concept sevens have been as good as Randan Discotheque’s Daily Record: May 18th 1993 - which I really should have made Single of the Week at the time, I proper regret that now.

AND THIS IS WHY I am dead excited to see Randan Discotheque crop up again - Grandad’s Coffin above is MARVELLOUS, and bodes extremely well for their new album, which comes out on 4th February next year. They are that perfect, rare thing - a band with IDEAS who still know how to make original, complicated pop music that doesn’t compromise on larks.

Grandad’s Coffin is out on The Bonjour Branch, a label started by Craig out of Randan Discotheque, Dave Maclean out of Django Django and Andy Wake from The Phantom Band. Such pedigree! I am excited.